Twitter interface

The twitter interface allows you to ask the friendly word bot to give you the top 10 words for your rack in a direct message. Follow the word bot, wait for it to follow back, then you can DM it the letters in your rack . This bot enjoys few things more than a nice rack!


Below are detailed instructions on how to hook up with the friendly word bot and get help via twitter.

  • Follow @frndlywrdbot

    On twitter or in your phones twitter app search out @frndlywrdbot. Follow @frndlywrdbot and the bot will automatically follow you back within a few seconds

  • Verify follow

    You can go to the Friendly Word Bot's twitter page and once you see that you're following it and it's following you you can ask for help any time

  • Direct Message

    In order to communicate with the bot you have to send it direct messages, so select it from your list of people to direct message. You have to follow the bot for this to be an option in your direct messages , so if you don't see it in you list of people to message, make sure you're following @frndlywrdbot

  • Message format

    The bot wants to be helpful, but it's not really that good at understanding what you're asking of it without a good request. So to get the best results the direct message should be formatted as seen in the image. To have the bot provide you the words for a rack, you need to send a message that begins with the word rack and some punctuation. As you can see in the example the bot is being asked to get words for the letters A,B and C. C is for cookie, but it's not good enough for this bot.

  • Response

    Once the bot has a chance to work on your request you will receive a direct message back. The response will contain the top 10 words by score. Each word comes in the format word score, word score, ....

  • Using blank tiles

    Much the same as the front page of this website the bot will also accept blank tiles via twitter. In the example we see that the request was for someone who had a blank tile along with the letters Z,A,G, and B. The response shows the blank letter usage in lower case, while the other letters are in upper case. So the ZAGs means use the letters Z,A,G and the blank as an S.