This site grew out of the past few years of constant playing of Zynga's Words With Friends. After some toying with other word building sites, it was decided that something clean and stripped down should be built to better serve those of us who primarily play on smartphones. So we searched out a nice, clean HTML5 template (thanks @neeco!) and began building.


The website was built an eye towards interactive use from a smartphone. From the choice of template, to the no-refresh updating we've tried to make it easy to use from today's devices, though it should still be easy on the eyes and responsive on your desktop, too!

how does it work?

Currently this site generates words against the scrabble twl06 dictionary. We accept at most 2 blank tiles which are represented by '?' in the letter list. We limit the number of tiles that may be entered at once to 8, this allows a rack of 7 plus one more letter from the board to be used to generate the words from. For each letter you enter the friendly word bot searches through the word list and pulls back each of the words in the dictionary that could be made from those letters. The words are then scored and displayed in order of their score, with the highest scoring word first. Since our bot has a thing for precision , the scoring correctly counts the blanks as a score of 0, unlike some other sites. This means that a word with a Z or Q from a blank doesn't have a 10 point scoring letter in it, because both Scrabble and Words With Friends score blanks as zero. If you entered a '?' as a blank tile any letter that comes from that blank will be in lower case in the results. This means that the entry 'dea?' will return DEAr where the letter r would be what the blank should be set to. The words are generated and returned as you type, so you may find a suitable word is returned to you before you enter the whole rack, saving you and our overworked bot time!

the future...

For the future of the site there's a few things we'd like to add:

  • Length option: Option to limit the length of words return to certain number of letters

  • ***fix option: Option to add a prefix and/or suffix to word

  • Board option: Ability to take a board and generate a list of moves from your rack

  • Others: We've got plenty of other ideas and we'd love to including yours! You can get in touch with us on twitter @frndlywrdbot or via old school email: Friendly Word Bot