20141218 - lost in the twitterverse!

This marks the debut of the friendly word bot on twitter. You can now follow and DM the bot with your rack to get info get help via twitter. Check the twitter page for instructions!

20140930 - the "I don't want to go on the cart" update

This bot isn't dead yet! This update fixes the mobile layout so that it doesn't render results to the left of the information on the main page. Lots of goodies still in the works, albeit slowly.

20131106 - blankout

This update shows blank letter usage as lowercase letters in results set. So something like REA? will may result in 'REAd' where the d indicates that the blank should be set to the letter d. Also updated the displaying of results to be more easily read.

20131104 - gimme the digits

This update provides scoring information back with the generated word list. As always, blanks are scored properly, words are returned with the highest scoring first, letters are scored with scrabble scores for each letter. The scoring is similar to that for Zynga's words with friends, but not identical. Future updates will be aimed at making this selectable.

20131001 - 'ello mate!

Initial launch of website! You can now get your cheat on with the friendlywordbot!